Designer Essential: Creativity can get technical

Things evolve quickly around us, especially in the graphic industry. New printing methods and software updates are being sent as newsletters in our mailboxes everyday. As I work both in the creative and the digital printing industry, I find it of great importance to stay up-to-date to the tools of our trade’s technical developments.

Here below are a list of links to tutorials that have considerably improved my daily life as a graphic designer. This is mainly meant to serve as a personal list, so that I can easily archive and find informations. Nevertheless, I hope this will help you out in times of trouble. This list is short at the beginning, but will be updated as I discover interesting links along the way.

How to remove everything from a photo in Photoshop

This video from Photoshop Training Channel is really informative as several tools are explained and compared for the same task. The explanations are detailed but coherent, and very easy to follow. If you have time, you should definitely check out other videos from this Youtube Channel. They are one of the few Photoshop tutorial makers on the internet who emphasizes the importance of working non-destructively.

A list of standard paper sizes

While designing for (re)production, it is of great importance to aim for cost-efficiency and market standards. Most designers probably know their most frequently used paper formats by heart, but there is always that one occasion when you need to design for another market, or want to try something new. Thanks to the website, we can easily look up standard sizes and dimensions of not only paper, but also envelopes, books and photos.

A screenshot of the website