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As type and storytelling can be the basis for any interesting story, my practices are not limited to only graphic design, but also include creative writing, illustration and graphic novels.

Between the lines

Type & storytelling

Graphic design can take many forms, from printed products to digital media. It varies from scholar texts to commercial brands. As a creative, I often find myself taking up new challenges and designing visuals for many different media at once. Despite this variety, my works rest on two solid foundations: stories and typography.

With a firm belief that there is a story behind every brand, product, event or person, I start every project with a thorough research. Sometimes, I weave the collected data into a new story and tell it using graphic solutions.

Furthermore, I have with time developed a great passion for type, typography and lettering. As a happy coincidence, we broadly use letters to tell stories. Even so, the use of the alphabet in graphic design extends much further beyond typesetting. Lettershapes can be formed and deformed to tell their own stories. It is the dynamic between these two elements that inspire me to explore and to create.

Linh Dong


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