Hanoi (VN) | Gent (BE)

The story

Linh was 3 years old. She thought that only two jobs existed in the whole world: teacher and policeman. She wanted to become a teacher.
Linh was 7 years old. She read comic books about Marie Curie and Thomas Edison and Alfred Nobel and many other historic figures. She wanted to become a savant.
Linh was 9 years old. Dad taught her how to draw a cube in two-point perspective. She wanted to become an architect.
Linh was 11 years old. She saw whole lots of trash on the streets of Hanoi. She wanted to become an ecologist.
Linh was 13 years old. She read One Piece, a cool manga about pirates. She wanted to become a pirate.
Linh was 15 years old. She went to a foreign language specialized school. She wanted to become a philologist.
Linh was 17 years old. She got angry at the society. She wanted to grow up and change the world.
Linh was 22 years old. She ended up becoming a graphic designer.

& the story went on!

Thank you for passing by. I’m Linh Dong, a 25 y-o creative from Vietnam but now currently based in Belgium. In a world wide web where the popularity of one’s website is due to keywords for functions, goods and services, I find it a challenging task to describe myself as a person and a service provider. I believe that one should not be defined by a simple title, as everyone is busy playing different roles that are dependent on contexts. One can wake up being a parent, spread butter on a slice of bread as a partner, check the mailbox as a citizen, eat breakfast as a vegan, sign contracts as a saleperson, deliver fruit baskets to parents as a child, and go to sleep as vulnerable as oneself.

So as strange as it may sound, I am a graphic designer and beyond! In 2018, I obtained the Master’s degree in Graphic Design at KASK (Ghent); then worked in the printing industry while studying for a degree in Branding & Packaging at Luca School of Arts (Ghent). I design typefaces, visual identities, logotypes, books, brochures, flyers, newsletters, business cards, packaging… I write stories and draw comics. I illustrate greeting cards, draw birds and trees and people. I read fictions and non-fictions and newspapers and listen to podcasts. I sing along to Britney Spears, Alice Cooper and Rich Brian. I am concerned about climate change and about whether I should eat rice or potatoes for dinner. I love watching dogs but prefer having a cat. I get inspired by the banal things and write on a tremendous variety of subjects.

This website is a compilation of everything that may, or may not, have anything to do with graphic design.

“The great thing about graphic design is that it is almost always about something else. […] Not everything is design. But design is about everything.”

— Michael Bierut, “Seventy short essays on design” (2007)