Linh was 3 years old. She thought that only two jobs existed in the whole world: teacher and police man. She wanted to become a teacher.
Linh was 7 years old. She read comics books about Marie Curie and Thomas Edison and Alfred Nobel and many other historic figures. She wanted to become a savant.
Linh was 9 years old. Dad taught her how to draw a cube in two-point perspective. She wanted to become an architect.
Linh was 11 years old. She saw whole lots of trash on the streets of Hanoi. She wanted to become an ecologist.
Linh was 13 years old. She read One Piece, a cool manga about pirates. She wanted to become a pirate.
Linh was 15 years old. She went to a foreign language specialized school. She wanted to become a philologist.
Linh was 17 years old. She got angry at the society. She wanted to grow up and change the world.
At the age of 22, she ended up becoming a graphic designer.


Ideas & Plans

Leave your marks on creative design for package branding and print products.

Content Composing

Write great content copies to capture audience's attention and increase brand's recognition.

Creative Direction

Stay creative with Billy and the huge collection of premade elements, layouts & effects.

Prompt Strategies

Build an impressive and exquisite brand identity design that helps your business shine.

Design & Development

Plan ahead with accurate market assessment and marketing strategies for businesses.

User Experience

Focus on user experience to make the most out of design and achieve better customer satisfaction.